Langora turns your apps

into worldwide hits.

By UAM's for UAM's

Langora is a full-featured tool designed to help User Acquisition Managers leverage TikTok to accelerate the growth of their apps. With so many different types of Tiktok formats, with so many communities across so many regions, it’s mathematical : the higher the volume of creatives, the more effective the campaign.

What we do ?

Langora is a platform that connects you with an extensive library of TikTok creators who’ll craft custom content to promote your app with the right tone of voice.


What makes Langora different ?

We focus on Tiktok users with comparatively smaller communities that are more engaged and loyal. In addition to giving your app an early-adopter and insider aura, this enables you to multiply the creatives, which allows more granularity in A/B testing.

What you get ?

Optimal CPI

Get myriad creatives and run several of them simultaneously to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

Test and learn

Diversify the creatives, then track and analyze the data to find out what works best.

A worldwide reach

Our network of creators spans across all regions, cultures, time zones, and languages.

Peace of mind

Langora automates your interactions with talents, including invoice management, to save you time and energy.

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